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over who is tougher on beijing. mitt romney says he'll label china currency manipulator while obama accuses him of profiting from overseas. can we -- that's not really helpful, i suppose. >> i think relations are actually deteriorating big time. >> should the u.s. revise its total commitment for japan and insist that both sides go for sort of independent arbiter on this? there's no win here for the u.s. >> but the bottom line is we'll see much more tension between the u.s. or its seeming proxies from a chinese point of view. over who owns the cash flows. but the second thing is this business about the outsourcing and the election, talking about china stealing all the jobs, how remarkable that pricewaterhouse just issued a report saying it's cheaper to make steel in the u.s. now than in china. manufacturing is moving back it to the united states unbelievably rapidly. so they can argue about currency and outsourcing, but the u.s. is the beneficiary right now. >> they're selling the wrong story. meanwhile protesters gathering in madrid, calling for the spanish government to resign. are
. so a bit of a separation between what's happening in auctions at the moment for both italy and spain. >> imf set to lower growth targets. caterpillar warning slow global recovery. and tensions in the mideast due to take somewhere stage as president obama gears up to address the u.n. general assembly. >>> speakinging ahead of the general assembly session, he repeated a warning that israel would be eliminated. >> fundamentally we do not take seriously the threats of the attack on iran. iran is a great country and we do with v. all defensive means at our disposal. >> the white house was quick to dismiss his comments as outrageous. president obama is speaking at 10:00 a.m. he's also expectth expeed to ad tensions in iran before hopping back on the campaign trail. romney will also be speaking in new york. >> he's getting some criticism for his schedule in meetings. in any case, stick around because still to come, bowing out of investment banking. the future is looking bleak for rbs. >>> meredith whitney says banks have been behind the curve in terms of downsizing and employees are paying
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2